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2. Is the subject matter related to filing a patent? If so, please fill out the Patents Questionnaire by following the Patents Questionnaire link prior to the Scheduled Consultation Date. If the subject matter is related to a Trademark, please fill out the Trademarks Questionnaire by following the Trademarks Questionnaire link. If a copyright, then the Copyright Questionnaire. If other, then the Other Questionnaire.


You can talk to a patent practitioner (patent agent or patent attorney) about your invention just like you can talk to your lawyer about your contract or divorce. You are free to discuss your invention with a patent agent or patent attorney. They are under a legal obligation to keep your information confidential, unless you instruct otherwise. We offer consultation by appointment.

Invention disclosures are confidential because invention disclosures to patent practitioners are covered by attorney-client privilege. Information disclosed about an invention cannot be used or shared without your permission.

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